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The Past 7 Months

It has been 1 year since I officially started my business, and after 7 long months of a hiatus of blogging, I am back and ready to show you what I have been up to.  I have developed another passion besides photography, and it is pole fitness.  There is, unfortunately, a negative stigma surrounding “pole dancing.”  However, what better way to show the other sides of pole than through the images I capture;  the emotion, the strength, AND the sexiness that is pole fitness!  I started my pole journey in January of 2012, and I am hooked.  I have competed in two competitions, with a third coming up this Saturday.  Through this amazing sport, I have gained strength, fitness, and have met some of the most amazing people in an overwhelmingly supportive community.  However, probably the most significant aspect that I have gained from pole, is feeling comfortable in my own skin, reclaiming my sexuality, and not being ashamed of how pole makes me feel.  For me, pole has been a form of empowerment.  Being 5’10″ and not stick thin, self-confidence has been a lifetime struggle.  Pole has helped me embrace my body, and not be ashamed of feeling sexy.  I hope to encourage women, and men, to give it a shot.  Pole can be whatever you want it to be; you can embrace the sexy side, or go another direction and make it modern, more athletic, more “fill-in-the-blank.”  Pole can be whatever you want it to be!  I’m thankful to have found pole fitness, and am looking forward to growing as a dancer, and as a photographer.  So far I have been lucky enough to photograph some lovely pole dancers and pole duos.  I look forward to many more pole and other aerial art photo shoots in the future.  I do hope you enjoy the work  I have done, and maybe even go out and try a pole class!!!  If you are already a “pole’r bear,” then keep calm and pole on.



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My Brother!

My brother started being home schooled last year, and of course that meant the loss of school pictures.  I knew how much my mom cherished mine when I was growing up so I decided to take him this summer when he was down visiting and do a little mini session with him.  We went to this awesome graffiti wall in east Austin and spent about 20 minutes just being silly.  Hopefully I can talk him into modeling again next year, and then we have the all important senior photos!

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A day in the park!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was nice, spent some time with family and editing photos from a recent shoot.  A few weeks ago I got to spend a lovely morning in the park with a couple and their adorable baby.  He recently started sticking his tongue out and it was a real test getting shots of him with it in!  He was so patient and the perfect model with his baby blues.  They are going to use them for their family Christmas cards and I can not wait to see them.

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